Internet discovers a useful reason why there's a little opening on microwave popcorn bags

Must See 25/05/2022

One reason why the slit or the little opening on those microwave popcorn bags exist is for the steam to get out. But people have now discovered that it also separates the unpopped kernels from popcorns. 

If you don't like unpopped kernels, then this will be a game-changer for you.

TikTok user @papadom78 is as mindblown as we are, after discovering the trick!

All you have to do is, get a bowl or a plate and then flip your 'just-out-of-the-microwave' popcorn bag. Make sure the slit is facing towards the bowl. You then simply shake the bag and all the unpopped kernels should be out of the bag in no time. 

You'll only be munching on popcorns after that!

This genius hack has already garnered nearly 18 million views.

Viewers were as surprised and impressed as the TikToker who demonstrated it.

"That is a game changer" one user wrote.

"I am flabbergasted. 😳" another wrote.

"the inventor was just like....let me make something that will come back to baffle people in 40 years 😂" a third wrote.

An unpopped kernel fan seems delighted about this finding too.

"Now I can finally just eat all the kernels without digging for them 🥰" the user wrote.