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Handy trick to water plants using cooking pot, when away for a holiday

It'll get the water itself, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

Plant parents know the worries that come when having to go for a holiday especially when no one's going to be home. 

Well, Scissors and Sage shared a great way to make sure your plants get their daily dose of water even when you're not around. 

The bloggers shared how they created a self-watering system to keep their houseplants happy and healthy while they were away for a week. 

 "I pride myself on my level of care for our houseplants, but let me say this: our plants have never looked better than that week they were watering themselves" Victoria said.

Here's how you can do it. They recommend doing it a day before you leave to lessen the stress and confirm that the system is working.

Materials needed:

  • 100% cotton string (if you don't have that, take an old 100% cotton t-shirt and cut into long and thin strips)
  • Scissors
  • Paper clips
  • Cooking pot
  • Short stool (or anything that could help the pot sit on higher)

Place your houseplants in the location where they usually are. Then cut the string into 60 cmsegments, one for each plant. At the end of each of the piece of string, tie a paper clip so it has some weight, when placed in the pot filled with water.  Next, fill the cooking pot with 3.7 litres of water. Place the stool in between the plants, then place the cooking pot on top of it, so the water level is above the level of the plants.

Put the paper clip end of the strings in the past pot (paper clips ensure that they stay in, and not float), and with the other end, use your finger to push and bury it about one or two inches into the soil of each plant. Press firmly on the soil for it to hold the string in place. 

Handy trick to water plants using cooking pot, when away for a holiday

Make sure the string from the pot to the plant is fully downward and does not have those creases of the string going up and down. 

In about an hour, you'll notice the plant begins to receive water. 

When you're back, most likely the water in the pot will still be there, depends how long you were away. Gently remove the strings from the plants and go back to your usual routine in ten minutes or if you want them to continue to self-water, there's a way too. 

"There are other, more subtle ways to continue this system while you’re home. Keep your plants where you usually have them, and place smaller bowls of water–on a stack of books, say–near your plants. You can refill the water bowls and know that your plants are receiving just the right amount of water at all times" Victoria wrote. 

According to Scissors and Sage, here are three reasons why the self-watering wicking system works so well.

  1. By using a wicking system, the plants only absorb the amount of water that they need. They will never sit in an excess of water.
  2. Different plants require different amounts of water. With this setup, you can keep all of your plants hydrated with one system.
  3. You don’t need to do a damn thing! This system will water itself and leave your plants feeling great.