Flight attendant shares a trick to avoid paying excess carry-on luggage fee

Must See 20/05/2022

The limit for your carry-on baggage could be 7kgs, but sometimes you're just there with a 10kgs loaded luggage or more, with the hope that you don't get charged with the extra excess fee. 

People have worn extra layers of clothes to avoid it. A man even wore 15 layers of clothes, and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

A flight attendant has offered their 'genius' trick to carry an extra bag without being charged for the hefty luggage fee. Next time you're on a holiday, this could be worth a try!

Miguel Manoz, the flight attendant has worked for 10 years in the travel industry and claims that 'duty free bags don't count as carry-on baggage'.

There you go!

He even calls it the 'duty-free-hack' which is basically stuffing the duty free shopping bag with items that you need to remove from the suitcase in order for it to be under or on the maximum weight. 

"Now you know. If you ever find yourself in that situation, just put whatever you need in a duty-free bag. You are welcome," Miguel told Express.co.uk.

If you come on board with one piece of luggage, which you are allowed to, and a duty-free bag with some of your belongings, no one will say anything.

Miguel suggests buying a small item from the duty-free so you could get the duty-free bag or you could simply ask for one. 

He revealed how his 'duty-free' hack works for him every time he goes on a holiday.

"I know the trick because I always do this when I fly as a passenger,” he said.

“When I see people coming on board with a duty-free bag that looks very full I always assume they are using it for this purpose as it obviously doesn’t contain just one perfume or bottle of wine,” he said.

“But a lot of crew don’t know this and most won’t realize.”

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