Dancing With The Stars NZ goes through cast change in the lead up to semi finals

NZ 19/05/2022

Due to being tested positive for Covid, two teams have been immediately eliminated from the show. 

Last night, Sharyn Casey, one of the hosts of Dancing With The Stars shared on The Project that Eric Murray and dance partner Loryn have been eliminated after testing positive for Covid.

"It's pretty gutting because they've done such a good job dancing for Autism NZ" Sharyn said. 

There's a rule from BBC, that up until the semi-finals if somebody gets COVID, they can take a week off and come back to the show. However, turns out that once it's in the semi-finals, the team gets eliminated from the competition and the recently eliminated team gets to be back on the show. 

Hence, Alex Vaz and Brittany, are back and will be heading to the semi-finals.

Three New Zealand has just updated that Rhys Mathewson and dance partner Phoebe Robb have also tested positive for Covid. Unfortunately, as per the rules, they are also eliminated from the show.

Kerre Woodham and Jared Neame will be re-entering the competition. 

We hope both the teams get well soon!