Dad gets a tattoo of her daughter's birthmark to remind her that she will "never be alone"

Must See 06/05/2022

Five years old Isla Bailey has a rare birthmark on her back. She was born with a large Congenital melanocytic Naevi (CMN) birthmark covering her back, as well as over 100 moles on her legs, arms, and face, which she calls her "special spots".

To help her feel more confident in her skin, her dad Karl has got an idential tatto of the mark on his leg.

He wanted to remind and let her know that she will "never be alone" and to help boost her self-confidence. 

Like any parents, Karl and wife Emma know the difficulties she may face when growing up, so he wanted to do it so she does not feel alone.

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Little Isla feels 'very happy' and a 'little emotional'.

"When Isla saw the tattoo she was shocked that I now had 'special spots' too. She was very happy and seemed a little emotional."

The dad says how Isla is confident and happy in her skin. She refers to her spots as 'special spots' and is proud of them. 

"She is happy to show them off and discuss them with her friends and family," Karl said. 

"Her school teachers have commented on how wonderful it is to see her confidence when questioned about them by others".