Countdown announces to freeze the prices of 500 essential items throughout winter

NZ 06/05/2022

Looks like the grocery bills for Countdown shoppers will be constant for a while. 

Countdown has announced that they will be freezing the prices of 500 essential items, so the price will be the same, no matter what happens with inflation. The prices displayed on those items on May 9 2022 will stay the same for the winter months. 

This temporary freezing of the prices on the items has been done in response to the  'cost of living crisis'.

The supermarket recognizes a variety of winter staples including tinned tomatoes, butter, sugar, four, shaved ham and more. 

The Consumer Institute has had more than a hundred complaints last year about supermarkets from overcharging to a lack of specials. 

"It's kind of a shame that it didn't happen earlier, but I guess it is, indirectly, an acknowledgment by Countdown of the role that they are playing in the cost of living crisis" Consumer Institute CEO John Duffy told Today FM.

If you didn't know, there's a NZ website called grocer which helps compare and find you the best grocery deals in your area.