Coca-Cola to replace 'Coke Zero' and 'Coke No Sugar' with new product

Must See 25/05/2022

If you're the type that likes to keep your sugar intake low, but can't go past a frosty fizzy drink from time to time, this might be of interest to you... 

Coca-Cola New Zealand has just revealed that they are replacing their much-loved 'Coke Zero' and 'Coke No Sugar' with something entirely new - 'Coca-Cola Zero Sugar'.

The new product is described as tasting "as close as possible" to Classic Coca-Cola, but we'll just have to see about that for ourselves when it hits shelves next month.  

Tracey Evans the Head of Marketing for Coca-Cola New Zealand said: 

Kiwis are one of the biggest no sugar consumers globally and we’re committed to reducing sugar throughout our portfolio to provide delicious options for our customers.

“We’re constantly evolving with the changing nature of New Zealander’s tastes and preferences, and we believe this new recipe will be popular with our current drinkers, as well as Coca-Cola Classic fans who are looking for a zero-sugar alternative" she added.

"We’re excited to hear what Kiwis think of this exciting new addition to our portfolio, answering the question: Is this the 'best Coke ever?"