Balenciaga's new $3000 'full destroyed' shoes have taken the internet by storm

Must See 13/05/2022

We know the world of fashion can be an interesting place, but we weren't expecting this - Balenciaga's new sneakers cost nearly $3000!

The limited-edition 'Paris Sneaker' is shredded up, smudged and dirty-looking with Balenciaga written on the side in what honestly looks like Sharpie, and the internet is losing it. 

There are only 100 of these limited shoes and we're just curious to know why people would even consider buying these shoes. They're priced at USD$1,850 each, which comes out at just under $3k in New Zealand dollars.

Some believe this could be either a troll or a social experiment. 

The company describes the sneaker as a "retooled classic design," finished with "distressed canvas & rough edges, affecting a pre-worn look."

One user shared a photo of their old shoes and joked, "omg guys my distressed balenciagas just got here".