Avatar's sequel 'Avatar: The Way Of Water' 's official trailer has released

Must See 13/05/2022

The incredibly long-awaited trailer for James Cameron's Avatar sequel The Way Of Water is finally here. 

The sequel to the blockbuster Avatar - the highest-grossing film of all time - was made in Wellington by the Titanic director, who said the production team were "very lucky" to have chosen our capital city as their location back in 2009. 

"We made our first film here in NZ and it turns out it's ranked as either the first or second-best country in the world with its COVID response - so we are very fortunate," Cameron said in 2020 when the pandemic kicked off. 

The Na'avi characters are brought to life by  Wētā FX, the digital special effects company founded by Peter Jackson.  

Avatar fans are beside themselves about the first glimpse at the second film. 

"Once in a lifetime movie, Avatar. 13yrs on and I still have the same feelings and energy as the first. Incredible," one YouTube comment read. 

"Not gonna lie, I had goosebumps, I was smiling yet I had tears of joy dripping as I was watching the teaser trailer. It brought back old memories of my brother and I being mind-blown by the first one after we left the theatre," said another. 

"It feels like we've been waiting 50 years for this sequel!" wrote a third.