ABBA's virtual 'Voyage Concert' felt real says fans

music news 30/05/2022

Fans got to finally attend the most-awaited ABBA concert. 

The ABBA Voyage concert was a virtual concert but with live concert elements. Although the ABBA members were virtual, there was a live band performing, there was a live audience and the concert was also in an arena.  

To make this magical virtual concert happen, the band performed in motion capture suits for five weeks with about 160 cameras scanning their body movements and facial expressions. That's how ABBA from the early days got to perform in front of thousands of fans in 2022. 

Fans who had attended the concert not only had the time of their lives, but they even claim to find it hard to believe it was just virtual and not actually ABBA performing in person. 

Here's a clip of ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' and we wish we were there too!

Here's ABBA performing Mamma Mia.

"There's an emotional connection between the Avatars and audience, that's the fantastic thing ", Bjorntold The Independent. 

"The thing that hit me the most was the audience listening to it. They were not sitting down, they were standing up, they were singing along, they were clapping along" Anni-Frid said.