'The Pavington’: A hybrid dessert of Pavlova and Lamington has kiwis divided

Must See 30/05/2022

Homesick Kiwis are debating the merits of a hybrid dessert going viral online. Dubbed ‘The Pavington’, the half lamington, half Pavlova creation is causing quite the stir.

Kiwis and Aussies have long debated who invented the pav, but now the controversy has turned to whether it should be fused together with a Lamington. 

You may have heard of this confusing yet delicious invention before: The Pavington was created by New Zealand chef Ben Shewry and features the dessert at his restaurant Attica located in Melbourne.

The bottom layer of the Pavington is a sponge cake topped with chocolate icing, coconut and a thick layer of raspberry jam. The top layer is a pavlova topped with cream and kiwifruit.

Sounds pretty good to us, but not everyone agrees.

A picture of the dessert has gone viral on the Kiwis Living Abroad Facebook page with many becoming impassioned about the Frankenstein culinary combination. 

Some are absolutely drooling at the idea, while others think it’s a crime against two iconic Kiwi treats. 

“Blooming genius alright!” one Facebook comment read. 

“I think this may be the new Xmas dessert. But raspberry lamington of course!” another chimed in. 

A third asked: “Can you please tell me where you found this piece of deliciousness?”

Others are completely against it, with one naysayer responding: “No! They are both NZ classics, leave it alone, why mess with perfection?”

Another said simply: “Just seems wrong.”

We’re not totally sure what we think about this one, but we can’t help but ask: What about calling it the Lam-lova instead?