Woman mortified after realizing she got the wrong ABBA lyrics tattooed on her

Must See 19/04/2022

We've all been there, where we've confidently sang the wrong lyrics, not realizing it's the wrong words. But can you imagine getting the wrong lyrics tattooed on your body permanently?

One woman has permanently tattooed herself with lyrics of ABBA's Slipping Through My Fingers which she thought was correct. 

Sophie went on TikTok and admitted making a huge mistake of getting the wrong lyrics to be permanently inked on her skin. The correct lyrics are "I let precious time go by" from the 1981 hit 'Slipping Through My Fingers' but instead, she got the lyrics wrong, so now she has "I let precious time slip by" inked on her.

She posted the video with Slipping Through My Fingers as the background music, showing that she got the lyrics wrong. She claims that will be her last tattoo."Got the wrong word tatted on me, never getting another tattoo in my life" she wrote.

Many viewers have commented to help Sophie not regret and make the situation lighter for her.

"it's now 'inspired by the song" 

"someone tweet abba and get them to change the lyrics"

"The lyrics slipped through your fingers😳"

One user told slip sounds better in their opinion. To which Sophie replied, "i’m going to the abba headquarters in the morning and getting them to change it"