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Woman gets 'blown away' by the kindness she received to help her son with autism

So nice of everyone who sent in the grey t-shirt!

Single mum Stephanie from Aussie reached out to Big W fans (Big W is a dedicated one-stop shop) back in January if anyone had a particular grey t-shirt from the Big W store. Her seven-year-old son Cash wore this t-shirt day in and out and she was desperate to get more of these grey shirts which were unavailable at the store. 

She explained that this was the only top he would wear due to his autism. 

"He even prefer to sleep in this"

“Otherwise he’ll actually just grab it even if it’s still wet in the washing machine."

She reached out on the Big W Mums Australia Facebook page, just in case anyone had the grey t-shirt and no longer needed it. 

Months later, the mum shared an emotional post explaining that Big W shoppers had sent her the grey t-shirt's from all over Australia and shared an image of the photos placed in a heart shape to express her gratitude. 

Woman gets 'blown away' by the kindness  she received to help her son with autism

“I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to express my gratitude. I wanted it to be perfect,” Stephanie wrote.

“To convey how blown away I was by everyone’s support and kind words. That’s why it took so long. I just couldn’t find the words" She wrote.

“I still can’t, but thought I’d better get my butt into gear before they think I wasn’t thankful. Because I am."

“This shirt. It’s for my autistic seven-year-old son."

“Over the last school holidays, I made a post looking for this shirt."

“ My son lived in it ... it wasn’t fun."

The t-shirts were from other parents of neurodiverse children, staff who work for Big W, some very loved shirts, and some gifted by kids of parents reading the post.

“One was even found, brand new in store! Which was amazing as it was last season’s. The response was amazing."

“And I want to thank every single one of you who searched for me and my son. And those who sent shirts. Every one of you sent them without asking for money. Not even to cover the postage.”

Stephanie feels very grateful and has been completely blown away by the kindness. She further explained how it has been a difficult time for her.

“Now, none of you were aware that I’m a single mum,” she said.

“I haven’t been able to return to work after having my daughter due to all the appointments and supports I have in place for my son and the frequency I would be called to pick up him up from school early due to his behaviours (this has since calmed down, knock on wood).

“And my two-year-old daughter has been in and out of hospital for the last year after having an emergency C.T scan followed by repeat MRIs after a finding. Her appointments at the hospital are still ongoing.

“Anyway, so, this offer to send out of your own pockets really helped me so much!”

She added: “And so many beautiful people commented and messaged. The support was overwhelming at a time when not much was going well for me and my little family ... So it really lifted my spirits."