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Video of Ed Sheeran singing out loud with the locals goes viral

It seems like a great place to bump into Ed Sheeran!

Ed Sheeran played pool and had a great sing/dance along with the locals, at Birmingham's pub on Sunday Night.

The 32-year-old singer surprised and shocked everyone who was present at the pub by putting in an appearance.

According to International The News, Ian Connors, manager of the pub mentioned that Ed Sheeran was brilliant. He said Ed was very laid back and mingled with the customers. He described him as a gentleman and a very down-to-earth person. 

The video of Ed Sheeran hanging out and singing out loud was posted on Twitter and has garnered 3.6 Million views.

Ed even reposted it saying," it was pretty vibey I can’t lie x".

The song that they are jamming to is called No Games by Serani.