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TVNZ's Breakfast pays tribute to John Campbell with a special video on his last day

And his message to them was another emotional and special one!

On his last show as the Breakfast host, his co-hosts and their team paid him a sweet tribute with a special video. The video compilation had his best moments from the last three years with a voiceover of their co-hosts and then followed by a sweet message from each one of them.

"We've loved every second of the three years, and we're pretty sure you have to" they said.

"Where we learned never to trust you with the weather" they joked.

"JC thank you so much for your guidance, kindness and passion -or" says Jenny-May as she controls her tears. 

"Thank you for allowing me the space to grow and find my place on this platform. It has been an absolute privilege to sit next to you" she added and continued her message.

"You're an incredible, incredible colleague. I'm going to miss our outrageous flirting although I hope that will continue long into the future" Matty said. 

John laughs as he and Matty holds hands and raises their hands together.

"As you move on to this next chapter in your life, we want you to know that we love you, we miss you, but our hearts will go on" Indira says an intro before her tribute. 

Indira plays 'My Heart will go on' on an instrument as a tribute. 

John Campbell then said a few words to his team which was emotional and beautiful. As he mentions how he has witnessed each of his co-host and their journeys, and tells them how proud he is, it's a teary eye moment for everyone. 

Watch the special video below.