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Top ten household chores that couples mostly argue on revealed

Of course bathroom, of course cooking, of course laundry...
8 August 2022 9:07PM

Nothing says being in a relationship like asking your partner where your car keys are, or yelling at them for not putting dirty clothes in the washing basket.

But have you ever wondered how your common chore arguments stack up against other couples?

A survey conducted by Conservatory Blinds 4 Less has looked into what is the most common couple fight by studying the UK website Mumsnet, a popular forum with mums who want to anonymously vent to the internet about their problems.

Their survey broke down the top ten household chores mentioned under Mumsnet’s Relationships section, posted within the last 18 months,

At the top, a third of couples were fighting over doing the dishes, with most mentions about how the husband never does it, or leaves piles of dishes in the sink.

One in five couples were found to argue over messy bathrooms, whether that involved shower, bath, sink or toilet-cleaning duties.

“DP (Dear Partner) somehow manages to get toothpaste drool on the outside of the sink. How is that even possible?!” one commenter complained.

Rounding out the top three of argument-inducing chores was vacuuming, with one particular post highlighting a massive blowout between husband and wife, after the husband broke the appliance.

“Husband broke my vacuum!” the original poster says. “Not really a big problem but for some reason it’s reduced me to tears! It’s irreparable!”

“So DH suggests a Henry. Anyway, I’ve put Henry together and had a go and omg he will not lift the dog hair!! I’ve been trying to vacuum the living room for 25 minutes! AIBU in needing a vacuum that performs well at a price (my husband thinks it’s excessive to spend alot on a vacuum)?” 

See the full top ten list below:

The Top 10 Most Argued Over Household Chores

  1. Doing the washing up - 32%
  2. Cleaning the bathroom - 21%
  3. Vacuuming - 14%
  4. Cooking - 9%
  5. Taking out the bin - 7%
  6. Doing laundry - 6%
  7. Feeding a pet -3%
  8. Redecorating - 3%
  9. Building furniture - 3%
  10. Ironing - 2%