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Sonia Gray shares heartfelt message after being eliminated from Dancing With The Stars

An elimination most of did not see it coming...

Dancing With The Stars is finally back on our screens after 3 years and the first elimination has also been done and dusted.  Actress and Lotto presenter Sonia and her dance partner Aaron Gilmore were the first ones to be eliminated.

Sonia opened up on her Instagram, post-elimination. 

"Well I guess someone has to get voted off the island first but jeez, it hurts! 😥" she wrote. 

Having ADHD, it was challenging for Sonia to learn massive choreographies. She thanked and paid tribute to her dance partner Aaron Gilmore saying, " Aaron was so patient and kind and committed to finding the best way for me to learn. He is an incredible teacher (and life coach!) and I am super grateful for all he has taught me. And for holding my hand while I cried my way through all the radio interviews this morning 😌"

Sonia had hoped to use this platform to 'demystify ADHD and the conditions that often accompany it', some of which are Autism, Dsylexia, Sensory Processing Disorder, Giftedness.

"My daughter Inez has a mix of these and it has been beyond tough for our family" she added. 

"It takes a lot of courage to get out on the DWTS dance floor when you’re not a trained dancer" Sonia said.

"Having a neurodiverse mind comes with a myriad of invisible challenges - as my fellow shiny sister Damaris says “it’s a full-time job running this mind."

The elimination has brought a big shock to many viewers as they did not expect her team to be the first one to go.