Sir David Attenborough named Champion of the Earth by UN for his life-long incredible work

Must See 22/04/2022

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has named Sir David Attenborough a  'Champion of the Earth' for his dedication and life-long environment work. 

"Sir David Attenborough has been awarded the United Nations #Earth ChampsLifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to research, documentation, & advocacy for the protection of nature & its restoration"  UNEP wrote. 

Sir David explained that the environmental success stories should bring hope to us that change is possible. 

"Fifty years ago, whales were on the very edge of extinction worldwide,’ he said."

"Then people got together and now there are more whales in the sea than any living human being has ever seen."

We know what the problems are and we know how to solve them. All we lack is unified action.

Inger Anderson, UNEP's executive director honoured Sir David and said that his documentaries inspired countless people to pay more attention to the world around them.