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Shopper gets a bizarre tattoo of the rewards barcode and it works

This may have sparked a tattoo idea to some people!

An Aussie shopper got a tattoo of the barcode of his Woolworth's everyday rewards card.

The video of him trying out the barcode for the first time has taken the internet by storm. 

In the video, he first scans a bottle of sprite no sugar and then scans the barcode tattoo that is on his inner forearm.

The discount goes through, the self-checkout says, "Your Everyday Rewards card has been added".

Pointing at the screen, he exclaims,"Ah see!"

"See it worked" he added.

Although it got some people questioning, this video may have sparked an idea in some people.

"yoo tattoo idea??" one asked their friend.

" do u wanna get tattoos of our rewards cards x" another asked their friend, to which they replied, "why not x".

"should i get one for flybuys and one for everyday rewards😂😂😂" another user asked their friend.