Seven things all dog parents agree on

Must See 28/04/2022

Everyone's different, every dog is different but somehow we all do some 'universal' things when it comes to our dogs. Here are seven things all dog parents agree on:

  1. More photos: You have more photos of your pooch on your phone, than of you or anyone else. 

2. Cancel plans: You don't mind canceling plans with others to spend more time with your fur baby. Your doggo is your #1!

3. Dog hair: Their hair manages to reach everywhere, be it the couch or the car seat. But you don't mind at all.

4. What's personal space? What's privacy?: Both of them are a thing of the past. They will follow you or find you even in the bathroom and give you company. You'll never be alone, that's for sure.

5. Infinity nicknames: Your dog has one name and countless nicknames. The list goes on and on and on. 

6. Great listener: We have to give them credit for this. They are always there for you, always there to lend an ear. Sometimes you just want someone to just listen, and your doggo's always got your back. Through thick and thin🐶

7. HappinessLastly, they don't fail to make you smile. They sure are a bundle of happiness!