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Royal fans say the Queen is just over cutting cakes after watching the cake-cutting clip

Queen Elizabeth cuts the cake in a unique way

The cake-cutting ceremony video of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration from February has resurfaced online and royal fans think the Queen is 'over cutting cakes'.

The 95-year-old monarch walks over to the cake with Lady Dannatt, the Lord-Lieutenant for Norfolk as she explains to the Queen the reason why the cake is placed upside down. It is because the press photographers were present there. 

"I don't matter" she joked.

"I think I can probably read it upside down" she added.

She then proceeds to cut the cake, 

"I think I might just put a knife in it" she said. To which Lady Dannatt replied, "I think that's a really good idea".

The Queen puts the knife and angles it to cut it, "See if it works"

"Oh yes, it's done beautifully" she adds. 

Leaving the knife, on the cake, she said, "Somebody else can do the rest of it".

An Instagram user uploaded the clip with a caption, 'me doing the bare minimum at work'.

Another user commented,  "She’s cut so many cakes at this point. She’s just over it!"

"I just found this so cute??? The way she WIELDS that knife" added a third.