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Rick Astley surprised Kelly Clarkson with an '80s medley and danced his iconic moves

Apparently, those dance moves were created out of 'pure fear'

Rick Astley performed an '80s medley of his hit songs It Would Take A Strong Man & Never Gonna Give You Up for Kelly Clarkson's 40th birthday celebration. 

"Back to the '80s baby" Rick says as he shows off his iconic moves as the intro to Never Gonna Give You Up plays.

Talking about those iconic dance moves from his '80s hit, Kelly asked where those moves came from.

"It was pure fear" Rick Astley said. 

"I was 21 years old, I've never been in front of camera crew, or you know, a crew of any kind like that."

"And also, if you go back to people now, everybody films and photographs everything. Nobody had that in their pocket. So just being filmed doing anything was crazy" he added. 

Fun fact from the music video: All those clothes in the music video was his own clothes. 

"Yes, all those clothes are mine. I just turned up with a bag of clothes, including that rain coat, by the way" Rick Astley told Kelly Clarkson. 

"Who turns up with a rain coat to a pop video?" he added. 

"Rick Astley from the Matrix" Kelly answered.