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Man discovers that sun visors can extend to get an even better shade

Wow... we had no idea about this!

If you were like one of us who had no idea about the sun visor being able to extend, you're most welcome! Sometimes you just need this extended sun visor to block off the sun, that even the twisted sun visor fails to.

User @sidneyraz shared in a recent video, how he just found out that the sun visor in your can be extended. This video quickly went viral and currently has 12.1 million views.

"Here's something I didn't know until I was in my 30s. Sun visors in car extend?" he said.

He brings down the sun visor, moves it towards his window and simply pulls it towards him to extend it. He facepalms himself for not realizing it sooner. 

But apparently, it is only available in some cars, according to the comment section. 

"Not all extend but many do" said one user.

Although many were mindblown and had no idea about the extended sun visor, few knew about this. 

"Me : figured it out back then when I waited my mom at the grocery store 😂😂" one user wrote.

"I always mess with everything when I get a car 😂 you’d be surprised what you find in the manual" another wrote.