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Loren Allred puts a face to her voice with 'Never Enough' and earns the Golden Buzzer
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Loren Allred puts a face to her voice with 'Never Enough' and earns the Golden Buzzer

Loren Allred was the singer who sang 'Never Enough' for the movie The Greatest Showman
8 August 2022 9:07PM

Loren Allred who originally sang 'Never Enough' for Rebecca Ferguson's role in The Greatest Showman,  auditioned at the Britain's Got Talent with the same song. 

When introducing herself, she said, "I think some of you guys have actually heard my voice, but you don't know my face" which startled the judges. 

"I sang the song Never Enough on the Greatest Showman" she added.

"Oh my god" Simon said as he raises his hands in shock. The rest of the auditorium is mindblown too. 

Loren shared that she was hired to do the reference vocals for the actresses so they could learn the songs. Rebecca Ferguson who played Jenny Lind was actually the one who recommended Lauren to sing the song and suggested she'd lip-sync instead.

So when she was asked why she didn't get a big deal after singing one of the biggest sings of all time, she said that she was "more comfortable singing behind the scenes".

Many have complimented her and are happy to see her get the recognization she deserves. 

There have been a few who have criticized and questioned Britain's Got Talent (BGT) on why an established singer is taking part in the show. According to Digital Spy,  a BGT spokesperson has responded, "Whilst most people will have heard the infamous Greatest Showman track, Loren is not a household name, and she deserves her spot on the BGT stage.

"We hope that such articles will not count against somebody who is well-deserving of this opportunity" they added.

Watch the performance above.