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Little girl's hilarious response to her mum's one order of 'peace and quiet' goes viral

A funny yet adorable response!

We've all been there where we've role played and pretended to be either customers or chefs.

User@aimeemooney12 shared her interaction between her and her little girl's role play. 

For mother's day, this young girl was dressed up as a juniour chef, wore a chef's hat and apron. Holding a pen in her small hand, she asked her mum, 'What would you like for today?'

The mum ordered a bit of an unusual order, but a craving all parents have every now and then. 'I'd like some peace and quiet' she said.

To which the little girl replied with all seriousness, she goes, 'ah', 'No, we, don't sell that.'

The mum bursts out laughing and so did we. 

She continues to say 'You can only have butter-" and the video comes to an end.

This video has almost 3 million views and people are loving this!


"What an honest restaurant I love it"

One mum said," now i know why we never get that.Its because they dont sell it, now its all making sense 😂🥰"

Someone even tried to get this 'order' from their daughter but, "I tried this with my daughter and she wrote down peas and carrots 😅".