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Fan creates an impressive Titanic 2 trailer where Jack survives and returns to Rose
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Must See

Fan creates an impressive Titanic 2 trailer where Jack survives and returns to Rose

An ending we wall wished for!

Can't believe Titanic was released almost 25 years ago!

The tragic ending, in the end, broke so many hearts, so one fan- user VJ4rawr2 on YouTube created a fan trailer for Titanic 2 using different bits and clips from other films in which Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio starred and edited it all together with voiceovers. 

So if you ever wondered what would have happened if Jack aka Leonardo DiCaprio survived or what would a potential sequel to this iconic film would have looked like,  then this is a great trailer to watch.

The trailer shows it all from the classic return of Jack returning to the land fully drenched to Jack and Rose living happily ever after with their children. An ending we all wished for after watching Titanic!

The only sad part about this is that it's an unofficial fan trailer, and no, the movie is not coming 'next summer' as mentioned in the fan trailer.

Over the years, many fans have believed that both Jack and Rose would have easily fit on the door that helped them escape from the ship’s wreckage. This has been one of the most debated and controversial topics

"Could you, could you have squeezed there?" Brad Pitt asked the star of Titanic.

Leonardo laughed it out as Brad Pitt continued to say, "You could've, couldn't you". 

People have shared and posted online on why Rose was selfish to let Jack die and it has been one of those 'shower thoughts' for many where people randomly think of it. 

"I still haven't forgiven Rose, there was space for two😭"

What do you think?  Was there enough space for both Jack and Rose?

 😭Watch the epic trailer above.