Downton Abbey stars Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton share the key to their happy marriage

Must See 26/04/2022

Downton Abbey: A New Era is almost here on the big screens!

On-screen co-stars and off-screen partners Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton share the key to their happy marriage. 

Being married for almost 40 years, the pair believe that 'laughter' and 'equality' have been the key to their happy marriage. 

"We laugh a lot at home and at work and I think that helps keep you younger", Jim Carter told Saga Magazine about his marriage to Imelda.

I'm head gardener and she is head chef and we assist each other with those roles. It's very equal. 

The couple met in 1982 during the rehearsals for National Theatre's Guys and Dolls and married a year later which Jim calls the best day of his life. 

Jim explained how he and Imelda have made it easy on being an acting couple. "It can be hard for actors when all the attention is on someone else - I think men can struggle more than women if they're not working as much as their partner", he said. 

"Some men do become amazing full-time fathers, it can be a very rewarding role, but Imelda and I have never really had that situation", he added. 

We've always worked about as much as each other - our life has allowed us to share everything equally, which has been brilliant.

Prior to Downton Abbey, the couple has previously starred together in Shakespeare in Love and Bright Young Things.

He said, "Acting together is not something we necessarily seek out, but when it happens it's a joy."

The sequel Downton: A New Era is set to release on Thursday 28th April 2022.