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An easy trick to get peeled garlic cloves within seconds

This is a total game changer!

Garlic is one of the absolutely essential ingredients when it comes to cooking but peeling it individually can feel like an extra chore, especially when you need to peel a lot of it. 

Chrissy Teigen's company Craving shared this genius hack on TikTok and viewers have described it as a 'gamechanger' and 'life-changing'. This simple trick has garlic cloves peeled in less than a minute. 

First, put the unpeeled whole garlic bulb in a bowl and pour water halfway and microwave it for 30 seconds. 

"Remove from the water and pat dry. Using a utility or chef’s knife, slice off the root end of the garlic. Gently squeeze out the cloves of garlic" the caption wrote.

"Some may need a little coaxing, but the skins should pop off without the sticky, garlic paper mess!"

"Wait… WHAT? I’ve wasted SO much time" someone said.

"wow so it's that easy! 😳" another said.

"My life has changed forever 😂" a third said.

Although most people are happy to come across this handy trick, few complained that it only works if you plan on using the entire bulb in one go.

 We're definitely team more garlic, the better!