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A dog's hilarious reactions of when the 'wrong and right human comes home'

A moment of silence for that 'wrong human' who came home in the video

If you are your doggo's favourite human, you know there's always going to be someone waiting for you every single day, without any fail. 

One user on TikTok @beastie25 shared their dog's reaction of 'when the wrong human comes' and it's hilarious. Although, it is extremely sad and painful to be that 'wrong person', but as a third person this video is epic. 

In the video, the door opens, and the pup excitedly walks in only to find out it's the 'wrong human' at the front door, and so the pup walks back disappointed. 

The audio plays, "I'd like to leave" right as he takes a u-turn, flops his ears down in disappointment, and goes back, which makes it even funnier. 

With high demand and requests of numerous  'when the right human comes home' comments, the account shared a video of the doggo's reaction. And it's really wholesome! The pup takes a good look and runs to the 'right human' that they've been waiting for. 

Watch the video below.