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8 year-old students wrote letters and successfully got 21/24 shelter animals adopted (so far)

A brilliant idea from the teacher, and the students nailed it!

Eight-year-old students from Virginia, US, helped boost the adoption rates for the doggos least likely to get adopted with their personalized letters. 

The letters were all handwritten, had crayon coloured drawings of the particular animal and were written on behalf of the shelter animals to the potential adopters. 

8 year-old students wrote letters and successfully got 21/24 shelter animals adopted (so far)

One letter said, "My name is Sunday Special. I would want to be adopted . If you do adopt me, I hope I will brighten up your Sundays like the sun. You'll be my Sunday Special, and I hope I'll be yours!".

Kensey Jones, the teacher of these eight-year-old students at St. Michael's Episcopal church volunteers at Richmond Animal Care and Control. She needed an idea for her students' writing assignment and this sparked as an idea to combine both assignments alongside boosting adoption rates.

"The idea just came to me to connect persuasive writing with these adoptable pets that need a forever home" she told the Washington post

"A way that I could make their writing real for [the students], and actually make an impact on the world and our Richmond community" she added.

The manager of the shelter loved the idea that she pitched. In this shelter, animals with medical problems too longer to get adopted, and if it the problem was serious, they'd get euthanized. 

The teacher told how the kids cheered at their new assignment which focused on helping 23 dogs and 1 cat adopted.

One student wrote, "Hi, my name is Cody. I would love to be adopted. I would like a loving, caring family with a big fenced-in yard. Please be my owner!”

An eight-year old student told the Washington post, " All dogs deserve a loving home.“I am so very happy to be able to help neglected animals find great forever families."

This idea was a huge success as 21 out of the 24 hard-to-adopt animals found new homes so far. 

One woman who adopted one of the dogs said," Our hearts were taken when we read the stories the St.Michael kids wrote".

"I hope more teachers will take this idea and partner with their local animal shelt, so more animals can find their shelter homes" Kensey told ABC news

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