Kiwi gets a personal message from Queen's Brian May for stunning fan art

NZ 10/03/2022

A very happy and exciting day for MASSIVE Queen Fan Kezza Sue Hebberley from Hawke's Bay as she receives a sweet thank you video from Brian May himself. She made and gifted an amazing artwork of Brian May.

"I have fond memories of New Zealand, so thank you for bringing them back to me" Brian May said. 

He absolutely loved it and said that he will treasure this.

"I hope I get to say thank you personally, someday" Brian May said to Kezza.

Our Hawke's Bay team caught up with her and here's the story:

In February 2020, Kezza finally got to meet her idols during the Queen + Adam Lambert Rhapsody tour, not long before the world shut down. 

Being a super die-hard fan since 1973, Kezza wanted to send Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert personal gifts to show her appreciation of them. 

She claims that although she has no artistic talent ("I can' even draw stick people"), she decided to make use of her one arty skill 'diamond painting' to make gifts. 

Two years and more than 500 hours' work later, Kezza sent her artwork a few weeks ago, never expecting to receive a response from him.

'I still can't breathe' Kezza told our Hawke's Bay team.

The other artworks have been sent to Roger and Adam.

Watch the sweet message from Brian May to his massive fan Kezza below: