Phil Collin's children pay tribute to their dad after his last concert ever

Must See 28/03/2022

Phil Collins performed his final show of the tour along with his bandmates Genesis at the 02 Arena, London. This is also their last concert performing together as Genesis. 

Phil Collins has been a true professional as he performed each show despite his ongoing health issues. Unable to play the drums, he sat on a chair and still performed and rocked it out with his vocals.

Although it was an emotional night for both the band and the fans, at one point during the final show while giving his farewell, he joked, "It’s the last stop of our tour, and it’s the last show for Genesis. After tonight we all have to get real jobs".

His daughter Lily shared photos from the tour saying, "Tonite marks the end of an era. To have witnessed this last show was truly the memory of a lifetime and an event I shall hold in my heart forever. Endlessly grateful doesn’t begin to do it justice. So much love was left on that O2 stage and an even bigger amount shared between an audience who didn’t want it to end."

"Thank you @genesis_band for the memories, thank you dad for being such an inspiration and thank you @nic_collins for making me the proudest sister there is. 50 years of songs later and still generations more to celebrate you long after this tour has finished…" 

Phil Collin's son Nic who joined the band as the drummer on behalf of his dad posted photos on Instagram and said, "~ What an honor and ride it’s been. Being part of their last lap around the track has been moving and amazing. 50+ years of music, friendship, and memories, @genesis_band thank you for letting me be part of the last few."

"And with that also comes the end of my old man’s time on stage. Thank you for the endless inspiration, drive, and love. To have shared this with you has been truly wonderful. ~"