Overnight trick to revive wilted lettuce goes viral

Must See 24/03/2022

This is a game-changer! 

No more throwing away wilted lettuce.  Here’s a hack to turn that lettuce into a brand new fresh lettuce. 

TikTok user @beercanchick uploaded a video of the handy hack of reviving dying lettuce. 

She places the wilted lettuce in a bowl of iced water and leaves it overnight inside a fridge. The next morning, she shows a freshly looking lettuce.  

“Just like new. So don’t throw your lettuce away” she says.

“Your lettuce is only thirsty” it does seem so. 

People are mind blown and calling it a game-changer. 

"Damn I wish I knew this a 100 lettuces ago 😳🤦🏽‍♀️great tip"

"omg the amount of dying lettuce I’ve thrown out…"

"This is a game changer. My tortoise only eats lettuce. It’s so hard to keep up with him lol"

"awesome!! really really great advice to help reduce waste....thanks 😊"

"great tip, it also works with dill, parsley etc 😊🥰" 

If you'd like to grow some lettuce, here's a simple seedless lettuce hack which only requires water and lettuce scraps: Easily regrow lettuce.