New Zealand might get its own buy-back recycling bottle scheme

NZ 15/03/2022

Do you remember returning glass bottles to the shops to get a few cents back? This might make a comeback as Environment Minister David Parker recently announced the government's new recycling and waste management schemes, and one of them is returning empty drink containers for recycling and getting money back. 

New Zealanders will get 20c back every time they recycle a plastic bottle. 

“More than two billion drinks are sold every year in New Zealand. Less than half of these containers are recycled, meaning that over a billion containers end up as litter, are stockpiled, or sent to landfills every year" as mentioned in the press release. 

“With a container return scheme in place, we can increase our recycling rate for beverage containers to between 85 per cent and 90 per cent."

Environment Minister David Parker said this aims to encourage people in handing their single-use plastic bottles back. 

The other two schemes that are proposed are separation of business' food waste from landfill to reduce their carbon footprint and improved kerbside recycling including access to a food scraps bin at kerbside. 

“Every year New Zealand generates more than 17 million tonnes of waste and sends almost 13 million tonnes of that to landfill,” Environment Minister David Parker said.

We currently have inadequate rubbish collection and recycling systems. As a result, our recycling rates are low compared to other countries with better systems, and we have too much litter in our environment.

The Environment Minister is asking New Zealanders to have their say on these schemes which are aimed to reduce litter, emissions and pressure on our environment.

“We are taking action that will make a real difference and want Kiwis to have their say,” David Parker said.

We want a future where everyone reduces waste, reuses, and recycles. We know New Zealanders want to do the right thing. With these proposals, we’re putting the right foundations in place to bring our recycling systems up to global standards