Kūaotunu's huge $9 ice-cream has 10 scoops and a double cone

NZ 15/03/2022

10 scoops of ice cream in one seating? Yes please!

Kūaotunu is a small coastal township at the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula and this is where you can get 10 scoops of ice cream in a double-coned looking cone for just $9!

Enough to feed the whole family or just yourself. You get to pick five flavours and that'll be two scoops of each flavour stacked up to make your monster ice cream. The ice cream's name is Kūaotunu Killer and the flavours are all from TipTop. 

If it's just you eating it, you'll need to use all that speed to eat it, orelse it will be melting down on the floor and you know the rest. 

The exact location: You head to the Kopu Bridge at Thames and turn right to get there via Tairua and Whitianga or left via Coromandel town. About an hour and a half later you arrive at a tiny seaside village with a hall, a fire station (which sounded its alarm for the volunteers to come running in the middle of the night), and the store, famous for its ice creams"

What flavours are you choosing?