Fans are loving the new Michael Bublé song 'Higher' from his upcoming album

music news 10/03/2022

Michael Bublé released the title track of his upcoming album 'higher'. Higher, the song that shares the same name with the album just dropped and fans are already listening to it on repeat. 

It's a really upbeat song and has a fresh vibe to it. 

With the early release of Higher, My Valentine and I'll Never Not Love You, fans cannot contain their excitement and are really looking forward to the album.

"I feel like this album is going to have a pretty different feel than his others.. I mean, I love all of them, but this feels fresh..You can tell he had fun making this one! Can't wait to listen to the whole thing 😁" one fan said. 

"Unequalled, that what MB has become! This song represents an ever-evolving Michael Buble and the new album will demonstrate that. A new sound comixed with a hint of the oldies we're used to hearing him sing equates to a quintessential performer. Love it Buble!" another said. 

"Absolutely love this!! What an album this will be xxx"

We agree! We can't wait to listen to the whole album. 

Michael Bublé's 11th studio album 'Higher' will release on March 25, 2022. 

Listen to the song above.