Expert reveals how some sleeping positions can impact your health

Must See 25/03/2022

Sammy Margo, a sleep expert, and physiotherapist revealed that there are some sleep positions that may negatively impact a person's health. There's some bad news for sleepers who sleep on their front!

She mentioned that the 'freefaller knee up' position results in hip problems. 'Freefaller knee up' position is when you lie on your front with your hands up near your head and one leg bent to the side. This puts unnecessary strain on your front and pressure on your back.

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The 'freefaller' position is exactly the same as 'freefaller knee up' but without the bent leg. And according to the expert, this is even worst. 

She said,"Probably the worst position anyone can sleep in, this could leave you with a lifetime of back and neck problems."

"Your lower backbends in towards the mattress, which means it becomes hyper-extended, squashing structures and reducing the space in the lower back area, which may cause aches and pains such as sciatica, knee pain and cramps."

If you struggle to sleep in any other position then Sammy recommends putting a pillow under your stomach and another one under your shins to remove those strain off your body.

The 'soldier' position is a bad sleep position for snorers or those who have sleep apnea. In this position, the sleeper lies on their back with their arms by their side. The sleep expert says that this can worsen acid reflux or heartburn as well as aggravate lower back pain. 

She suggests sleeping with a pillow under your knees in order to reduce strain. 

People who sleep in a 'log' position - sleep on one side with arms and legs straight down, might end up with shoulder pains.

Sammy told the Sun," As you age, the area becomes less fleshy so sleeping on it for six to eight hours a night puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder."

"You could ease any pain by putting something such as a mattress topper between your shoulder and the mattress to create a little cushioning."

She also believes it could make stomach conditions worse as your body struggles to digest food in that position.