Elton John writes a powerful heartfelt letter to his two sons on his 75th birthday

Must See 28/03/2022

Sir Elton John turned 75 on March 25th and he penned a letter down for two of his sons to share his biggest lessons in life: celebrate diversity, build bridges, give back to the world. 

He wrote:

"Dear Zachary and Elijah,

Do you remember the first time you saw me on stage? We were in Las Vegas in 2018, and your Papa brought you to the show. You were amazed by it all, the lights and the costumes and the crowd. Afterward, you both said: “I didn’t know Daddy could do that.”

Once upon a time, I didn’t know I could do it, either. You’re 11 and 9 years old now, and when I was your age, I could never have dreamed where life would take me.  Looking back over the past 75 years, there is so much I am proud of, so much I have learned. As you are the two most precious parts of my life, I want to share some of those lessons with you.

When I was young, I was told to fit in, to do what others expected even when it didn’t feel right. Now I realize I can only be me. Being true to myself is what gave me my voice, and helped me face my greatest fears. I’ve forged deep friendship found the love of my life, and became your Daddy. Whoever you grow up to be, just be you—fully and completely you.

Even when we held you and our hearts swelled with love and pride, a part of us was still scared. Would other kids tease you because you have two dads".

He writes about how he read them books about families similar to theirs and they immediately understood the message that "There are lots of different ways to be a family. Your family is special no matter what kind it is".

"By the time you started school, you knew that we were different. You knew that different was okay, and most importantly, you knew you were loved. Some of your classmates asked the inevitable questions, but you and your teachers answered them honestly. You had a chance to grow—and so did your classmates.

His second lesson is to build bridges, not walls "I’ve played to billions of people in my career and had the joy of meeting many thousands of them. Most people—gay, straight, Black, white, rich, or poor—all want some basic things in life: to be safe, respected, loved, and free. But we live in a world today where too often, instead of embracing diversity, we shut it down" he wrote. 

"I want you to grow up in a world free from conflict, where you can fulfill your dreams, whatever they may be. And I want every other child—every other person, everywhere—to have that same opportunity. I’ve seen how we can make progress by acknowledging our differences and learning how to have compassion and empathy for each other"

For his third and final lesson, he says 'give back'.  "Service to something bigger than yourself is the most rewarding thing you will ever do. This world is unequal and unfair, and it’s on us to make it better. That’s why I have given so much to my music and my foundation. And their impact has given me so much joy in return."

"I have had an incredibly fortunate 75 years. "

The most rewarding journey in my life has been the one I began 12 years ago with your Papa, when we decided to start a family.

He then writes that Zachary and Elijah are the greatest gifts of his life and that they have filled his heart with love and my life with purpose and meaning in ways he thought were impossible.

"You are my proudest achievements, and I love you both so, so much" he wrote. 

I’ll always love to travel and play music for my fans, but you showed me I could have just as much fun at home with you playing UNO, or going to Pizza Express.

He wrapped his letter with his final advices, this one being the final one.

"Take care of one another—and try to be part of something bigger than yourself.

And never forget how much your Papa and I love you."

Read the full letter here