Elton John and Stevie Wonder's new music video celebrates life's beautiful moments

music news 15/03/2022

Elton John and Stevie Wonder has released their new music video of 'Finish Line' which celebrates life's most beautiful moments through different people's lens. It's a collection from one of those good old video camera and you can't help but feel nostalgic. 

From carrying a newly born child out of the hospital, first walk, birthday parties, graduations, weddings, dacnes the music video shows life's best moments. The music video also pays a tribute to the frontline workers' work and sacrifice during the pandemic. 

The nostalgic 'Finish Line' music video with a vintage clip of a much younger Elton and Stevie Wonder performing for a cheering crowd. The montage of footage also includes various images of Elton John and Stevie Wonder together over the years. 

Recently the 74-year-old legend spoke on his life-long friendship with Stevie to Jimmy Fallon:

"It’s a dream come true for me because you know, not only do I love him as a musician and worship him as a songwriter, but he’s one of my favourite people in the whole wide world. So this was a very exciting thing for me"

Both the singers have said that this song 'Finish Line' holds a special spot for them and is deeply personal to them. Stevie Wonder was originally supposed to just play harmonica but Elton John convinced him to lend his voice as well. 

“I’ve been through so many down periods in my life. I’ve battled alcoholism and drugs and I’ve been 31 years sober now,” John told Billboard. “Of course, I’m going to feel good by hearing this song because I have had redemption and I have now a wonderful life and I lead a good life. … This song really makes me feel very proud of who I’ve become, proud of working with someone like Stevie", Elton John told Billboard.

'Finish Line' is a track from Elton John's album 'The Lockdown Sessions'.

Watch the music video above.