Cookie Time and Countdown collaborate with 'Cookie Smash Choc Cross Buns'

NZ 18/03/2022

Cookies and buns have come together for a special Cookie Time collaboration heading to Countdown.

The supermarket chain has teamed up with the iconic NZ cookie company to release a new and limited-edition flavour of hot cross buns; the Cookie Smash Choc Cross Buns.

This version of hot cross buns doesn't feature any traditional raisins, but instead is filled with Cookie Time chocolate chunks and cookie pieces throughout, a cocoa cross on top and a mini Cookie Time Chocolate Chip cookie on top.

“Our top bakers have been working hard behind the scenes with the Cookie Time team for months and, while we’ve been baking hot cross buns at Countdown for quite a few years now, we reckon this is the flavour to beat them all!" says Michael Whorskey, Countdown’s Bakery Merchandise Manager.

The Cookie Smash Choc Cross Buns are baked exclusively in Countdown stores throughout Aotearoa now, with a six-pack priced at $8.00 each.