An oh-so-80s dessert loved by Kiwis has been made into an Easter chocolate bar

Must See 14/03/2022

There’s a new Easter treat on the menu this year - taking a favourite 80’s guilty pleasure dessert and turning it into a yummy chocolate bar. 

The artisan chocolate makers at Wellington Chocolate Factory have taken inspiration from Duck Island’s popular Ambrosia ice cream to create a limited-edition treat sure to feature in many a bunny’s basket this April. 

The Ambrosia chocolate Easter bar has all the hallmarks of the delicious classic dessert, but with a fancy twist. It includes dark Vanuatu chocolate, fluffy NZ-made vanilla and raspberry flavoured marshmallows and hints of cherry and yoghurt throughout. 

The team at WCF said they made eight different versions of the chocolate bar - each taking three days to complete - before deciding on the final delicious combo. 

Better still, the beans used for the Duck Island chocolate bar are sourced through a direct partnership with Vanuatu cocoa farmers, who receive an above-market price to ensure they’re paid fairly and their communities and families can thrive. 

The Vanuatu beans have blackberry and burnt sugar notes in them, giving a flavour profile similar to creme brulee. Divine! 

The WCF x Duck Island Easter Bar is available for sale at Wellington Chocolate Factory and at Duck Island right now, so get hopping! And come Easter Sunday, maybe hid some away where the kids REALLY can’t find them.