These delicious Creme Egg Croissant balls are the latest air fryer trend

Must See 24/03/2022

Easter has come early with many people are air frying their Cadbury Creme Eggs, and before you judge it, you need to try it.

TikTok sensation @boredoflunch, started this trend by sharing his easy recipe which has now received millions of views and thousands of comments.

You don't need to do the exact steps of making the croissant from pastry as they did. A super simple alternative is to buy pre-made croissants from the supermarket and add a creme egg inside. Pop the croissant into the air fryer at 170° for about 5 to 8 minutes.

TikTokers have gone wild for the surprisingly simple recipe, which requires no culinary skill whatsoever.

"What is this magic?" one person wrote.

"I need this in my life," another praised.

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