A simple hack to make any of your roast or fried chicken extra crispy

Must See 22/03/2022

For as simple as chicken can be, there are many ways it can go wrong, but one chef has taken to Tiktok to show his ultimate hack to ensure that your chicken skin, whether its chicken wings or roast chicken, is always perfectly crispy.

Mohammad Yasin, is the chef in the video who explains that no fancy spices or ingredients are needed for this clever trick and that it doesn't take long either.

The video shows Yasin pouring boiling water over his chicken thighs, just before he puts them in the oven.

"Boiling water tightens up chicken skin and makes your wings crispy after you cook them," Mohammad explains.

"I say this from the bottom of my heart....Thank you for this," one person wrote.

"Oooo damn ima try this," another said.

A third confirmed the hack works, writing, "This really works."

One person explained how this works a bit more in detail, writing, "Yup I boil mine on medium for a little while, then air fry them.

"Boiling releases all fat from under skin and makes so crispy," they said.