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15 foods that you can still eat past the 'best before' dates

Must See 02/03/2022
We often check the dates and throw it away if it's past the best before date, be it eggs or some canned food in the pantry. But there are 15 foods that you can still eat it even after the 'best before' dates.
Ignoring the best before dates can help save lots of money and food from going to waste. Although it is sensible to pay attention to the expiry dates, you could be throwing out food which is still in perfect condition. 
Too Good To Go has urged shoppers to not heavily rely on best before dates, and if the food smells, tastes and looks OK, you can use it past the date. 

So, here are 15 foods that you can completely ignore the best before dates of:

  1. Milk: It is easy to tell if milk has gone off. If it is lumpy, smells funky or taste sour. 
  2. Bread: Storing the bread in the fridge extends the bread's life for up to two weeks past the best before date.
  3. Eggs: Keeping them in fridge increases the usability by three weeks after the best before date. A quick easy test: Put the egg in a bowl of water, if it sinks it's fine to eat, if it floats it's not. 
  4. Hard Cheese: Only hard cheeses like cheddar are all good to eat after the date. You can cut off any surface mould off and eat the rest safely. 
  5. Yoghurt: As long as it passes the look, smell and taste test you can eat it several after the best before date. 
  6. Canned Food: Good news for all those canned foods in the pantry because it is safe to eat years after the best before date. The extremely high heat process products go through when being canned kills the bacteria and sterilises the contents. 
  7. Frozen Food: Although the quality of the food does deteriorate over time, it is still safe to use. It is generally recommended to eat most freezer foods within three to six months if you want them at their best. 
  8. Dried Pasta: Dried pasta can last up to three years after the best before date if stored in an airtight container. 
  9. White Rice: White rice can last for years too, if kept in an airtight container. It can become stale as the starch naturally crystallizes but it's safe to eat. This only applies to white rice though, not for brown. 
  10. Biscuits: According to Wrap, unopened biscuits can be eaten weeks after the best before date. 
  11. Honey: According to To Good To Go, honey can last a very long time, even when it crystallizes. Although it is safe to eat, placing the jar of the bottle into a bowl of boiling water will help get the consistency back. 
  12. Soy Sauce: This cooking essential can last years after the date if it's kept sealed. This is because it contains a lot of salt which acts as a preservative. 
  13. Vinegar: Vinegar is used to preserve other foods to last longer like pickles and eggs. So the condiment will last well past its date.
  14. Sugar: According to a food waste organization, sugar can last indefinitely by just keeping it in an airtight container.
  15. Bicarbonate of Soda: It's safe to use years after the best before, thought it can lose some of its power as a raising agent. It's still good to use as a cleaning agent around the house.