Michael Bublé reveals the worst Valentine's Day gift he's given to his wife

Must See 14/02/2022

We obviously never imagined that someone like Michael Bublé would ever gift a bad or unromantic gift for Valentine's day, but turns out, he has. 

The worst Valentine's Day present that he's ever gifted was a 'microwave egg poacher'. 

The superstar thought it was a great idea to buy it because of its convenience. He explained being in a misguided impression that it's a fun gift and his wife would love it. But obviously, she didn't.

In a recent Instagram post, he hilariously revealed and warned people that their partners certainly don't want sandwich press on Valentine's Day. 

"I will tell you straight up that a sandwich press is not something what your partner wants for February 14. Don't ask me why I know that", he says as he takes a bite of a sandwich."

Watch the video below.