Michael Bublé releases a new sequel music video starring his beautiful wife again

music news 23/02/2022

Yes, Michael Bublé's new music video is the sequel of 'Haven't Met You Yet" from ten years ago. The title of the new song is 'I'll Never Not Love You' which also stars his stunning wife Luisana as he did previously on the 'Haven't Met You Yet' music video. 

The music video is a recap of their love story during their 14 years together. They have paid tribute to classic love films like Titanic, The Notebook, Casablanca and Sixteen Candles by re-enacting the iconic moments. 

The music video's ending has the same concept, location, people, cashier as in the prequel but the sequel has a beautiful twist.

Michael said, "15 years ago, you saw that my wife had a song that I had written for her where I meet her in a grocery store, and it becomes this thing at the end of the song that it's all just a daydream, and so I had this idea in the Michael Bublé cinematic experience, 'Why can't I make the sequel? Why can't this be the sequel?' So, at the end of the video, we find out that like M. Night Shyamalan, instead of I see dead people, we realize that once again, I have imagined all of this, I fantasized the whole thing,"

Luisana also reveals her baby bump in the end. What a wonderful way to announce that they're expecting their fourth child. 

The singer also talked about his tribute to the films in the music video, "My wife and I have gone through, I think, the most romantic parts of cinema and some of the greatest moments of cinematic history and pay tribute cause we love them so much, and we love each other and at the end of the video, you find out once again I'm daydreaming,"

But the difference is now, the girl from 'Haven't Met You Yet' video that was his girlfriend at the time, 15 years later, is his wife and they have three beautiful kids.

Working with his wife and sharing his music with the love of his life, Michael called it 'the greatest moment in the world'.

"Our kids often ask us why they weren’t at our wedding. They don't quite understand why they didn't get to be there," he continued. "So, it's one of those things where we thought, 'You know what, we have a lot to celebrate in our life why don't we...wouldn't it be lovely to renew the vows, let the kids be there, and all that.' So, they could be there this time."

We love it! Watch the music video above.