Jimmy Barnes and family doing a cover

Jimmy Barnes shares a beautiful family cover of ‘Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes’

music news 24/02/2022

Jimmy Barnes recently did a beautiful cover of Dean Martin's classic 'Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes' with his family including his grandson, Teddy.

Alongside Jimmy, his wife, and daughter's stunning vocals, little Teddy's vocals can be heard quite a few times during their cover. 

At the end of the song, Jimmy compliments his grandson, ' Quite good singing, Teddy boy'. 

The comment section under Jimmy Barnes absolutely loved the cover but adored Teddy's performance even more.

"Love this, Teddy was fabulous!!!👏👏👏"

"And the performance award 🥇 goes to ….. Teddy !🙏"

"Little teddy stole the show ❤️"

"Go Teddy boy ❤️"

"Love this song Jimmy, but Teddy singing along too was gorgeous!! ❤️"

"Ohh just gorgeous. Few wee tears as I miss family overseas… Teddy you’re fabulous ❤️"

In the caption, Jimmy Barnes wrote, "the way he's singing it's clear he loves Dean Martin" yes we agree and we also agree with the comment section that he absolutely stole the show.

Watch it below.