Tip Top ice cream brings back iconic 90's 'Dessertalicious'

NZ 04/02/2022

Remember the Dessertalicious? It's delicious honeycomb ice cream with chocolate mousse and sponge filling was like no other dessert found in the supermarket freezer.

The ice cream was discontinued a number of years ago, prompting a Facebook page to spend almost a decade advocating for its return.

And it looks like the hard work has paid off!

The 'Tip Top - Bring back "Dessertalicious" Ice Cream shared the big news with its 4500 loyal fans today, with a screengrab of the Tip Top ice cream's product showcase.

As part of the Tip Top Crave range, the 2022 version of Dessertalicious has "said see ya later" to the fake 90's era flavouring and made an "all natural with creamy honeycomb ice cream, chocolate mousse & chocolate sponge pieces."

The 2022 Dessertalicious found on the Tip Top website
The 2022 Dessertalicious found on the Tip Top website

So it may not be layered as the original but we're not going to say no to this "new-school Crave Dessertalicious!"

There has yet to be a word on an official supermarket date for this new ice cream but it looks like 2022 is turning around for Kiwis!