Former royal butler reveals Queen Elizabeth's unexpected way of eating steak

Food 22/02/2022

Most people like their steaks 'rare' or 'medium-rare' but there are some who like it 'well done' and the Queen is one of them. 

Grant Harrold worked for the royal family for seven years as a butler to Prince Charles at Highgrove House. He thought the Queen liked her steak either 'rare' or 'medium-rare' but to his surprise, it was none of those options.

Grant said, "The Queen likes beef well done, she has things well done, which is really interesting"

"I find in the world of aristocracy, things are always kind of medium or rare but she likes it well done.".

"I found it quite funny", he continued, "because that's not normal for most people like her. Most people like it rare or still kind of walking."

Grant mentioned that the  Royal Family all have "a very healthy diet" that is "very traditional, just home-cooked food".

Prince William and Prince Harry were brought up on the same type of diet.

"The boys were the same, they were brought up on traditional things - so the things we all love," he said.

It was first revealed that the Queen likes her steak well done when former royal chef Darren McGrady recreated one of her favourite meals, Gaelic steaks, on his YouTube channel.

He said, "It was really, really important that we got a really good sear on the steaks and cooked her steak well done."

He served the steak with a thick mushroom sauce, which is made with "lashes" of cream. "Calories is one thing that the Queen doesn't care about" he said.