Ed Sheeran's wife Cherry goes shy during his songwriting acceptance speech

music news 09/02/2022

After winning the big 'Songwriter of The Year' at the Brit Awards 2022, Ed Sheeran's special mention of his wife during his speech may have made his wife Cherry shy. 

The singer started off by thanking the people and the labels that he works with, "Because it's a songwriting prize, I really really would not be here without the fantastic people I get to work with".

He then proudly thanked his supportive wife Cherry with a big smile. 

"My wife Cherry who at the drop of a hat will come to the middle of nowhere to a really secluded studio and kind of live in-house and be so supportive while we just make songs and songs and songs".

The singer's wife looks shy as she has her hand on her face. 

He added, "Thank you so much and you're the best".  This makes Cherry smile shyly.

So cute. Such a dream team couple!

Watch the special speech below: